Best Practices In Introductory Biology 2013

The goal of this networking meeting was to bring together instructors of introductory biology from multiple institutions of higher education across the country who also identify as biology education researchers (BERs) for the purpose of sharing evidence-based pedagogical resources. This meeting was distinct from other IBP meetings because the purpose was to share specific activities and approaches that are effective at promoting learning in Introductory Biology. The intent was for small groups to work together to collaborate and share resources (e.g. reading lists, activities, assessments, etc.) and to develop collaborations for future projects (e.g. writing a synthesis paper, writing a grant, scaling up a project, etc.).

The meeting took place November 8-10, 2013 at the University of Colorado, Denver.

Organizing Committee
Laurel Hartley – University of Colorado Denver
April Maskiewicz – Point Loma Nazarene University
Jennifer Momsen – North Dakota State University
Tammy Long – Michigan State University
Kelly McDonald – California State University, Sacramento

Intended Outcomes

1. Share strategies and resources (activities, problem sets, etc.) that enable faculty to teach introductory biology content using active teaching practices.

2. Identify gaps in student-centered approaches for addressing specific content and competency goals for Introductory Biology

3. Cultivate future collaborations to (a) fill those gaps, (b) create a synthesis paper for journals that target introductory biology teaching, or (c) other.

4. Identify/discuss ways to scale-up (i.e. include a larger variety of class types and schools) data collection efforts of individuals so that results are more broadly applicable.

Small Groups:

Evidenced-based pedagogy: Sally Hoskins, Catherine Ueckert, Deb Donovan, Mary Pat Wenderoth.

Integrative learning in evolution, ecology, genetics: Janet Batzli, Betsy Desy, Tessa Andrews, Laurel Hartley, April Cordero Maskiewicz

Metacognition/reflection: Michelle Withers, Elena Bray Speth, Kelly McDonald, Jenny McFarland

Motivation and dissemination: Peggy Brickman, Samantha Elliott, Karen Klyczek, Marsh Sundberg

Reasoning: Jenny Dauer, Joe Dauer, Sam Donovan, Stephanie Gardner, Jenny Knight, Tammy Long, Jenni Momsen, Dina Newman, Kate Wright

Results from the invited Mini-Grant applications will be posted once these mini-grant products are completed.

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